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Security Theater

Security Theater
00:00 The Cramps "Garbage Man"

03:31 from that movie with a bear.

03:41 Sebedoh "Flame"

08:33 Anton Karas, The Third Man theme song.

10:43 Wendy Carlos Bach's Prelude and Fugue in C

13:27 Desmond Dekker "Keep a Cool Head"

15:32 Terrence McKenna glossolalia

15:41 Mudhoney "The Money Will Roll Right In"

18:07 Jon Spencer Blues Explosion with Rufus Thomas "Chicken Dog"
"...The Blues Explosion turned instead to another musical legend: Stax/Volt star Rufus Thomas came into the studio, barked and crowed on "Chicken Dog," and was paid $500 for his troubles....Rather than Burnside and Thomas adding authenticity to the Blues Explosion’s sound, the band members prodded their would-be mentors into delivering shtick"
from "The Truth About The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion", Jim DeRegotis, 1997.
Well, I still like the song.
Rufus at Wattstax. See Wattstax.

21:00 07 Soul Love (ATOM's Pink Innards Mix)
from Ziggy Stardust Remixed, most of which is crap.

25:52 Staples Singers Respect Yourself (Live)
from Wattstax.
I liked Aretha's bigass hat like everyone else. And I love and respect Aretha.
But If you ask me- and you didn't-
Mavis Staples should have been the person to sing at Obama's inauguration.

30:15 Family Ties Milton Friedman clip.

30:59 Cypress Hill "Throw Your Set In The Air"

34:25 Shelley Duvall "He's Large"
from the 'Popeye' soundtrack.
Written by Harry Nilsson

37:58 The Clash "The Magnificent Seven"

Louis and Bebe Barron Forbidden Planet Theme
"The movie's innovative electronic music score (credited as "electronic tonalities", partly to avoid having to pay movie industry music guild fees) was composed by Louis and Bebe Barron. MGM producer Dore Schary discovered the couple quite by chance at a beatnik nightclub in Greenwich Village while on a family Christmas visit to New York City. Schary hired them on the spot to compose the film music score. The theremin had been used as early as 1945, in Spellbound, but their score is widely credited with being the first completely electronic film score. The soundtrack preceded the Moog synthesizer of 1964 by almost a decade.
Using equations from the 1948 book, Cybernetics: Or, Control and Communication in the Animal and the Machine by mathematician Norbert Wiener, Louis Barron constructed the electronic circuits which he used to generate the "bleeps, blurps, whirs, whines, throbs, hums and screeches".[5] Most of the tonalities were generated using a circuit called a ring modulator. After recording the base sounds, the Barrons further manipulated the material by adding effects, such as reverberation and delay, and reversing or changing the speed of certain sounds.[7]
As Louis and Bebe Barron did not belong to the Musicians' Union, their work was not considered for an Academy Award, in either the soundtrack or special effects category."
The Barrons: Forgotten Pioneers of Electronic Music

44:06 Bonnie Prince Billy "The Eagle and the Hawk"
from Take Me Home: A Tribute to John Denver

44:59 Brian Eno "Just Another Day"

48:44 Isao Tomita excerpt of "Saturn The Bringer of Old Age" from Holst' 'The Planets'

51:26 Japancakes "To Here Knows When"
from their 2007 album on which they cover My Bloody Valentine 'Loveless' album in its in entirety.

55:51 Painted Hills, "Texas"
Ben Jones on steel guitar.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Dusk Latitudes

Early Morning Athletes

00:02 excerpt from The Best Show on WMFU
Tom_Sharpling and Trembling Eagle discussing a Rolling Stones song.

00:52 The Folksmen "Start Me Up"
from the A Mighty Wind soundtrack

03:10 Sleater Kinney "The Fox"

06:31 Department of Eagles "No One Does it Like You"
from "In Ear Park" The video for this song was co-directed by Patrick Daughters and Marcel Dzama.

10:10 Lalo Schifrin featuring Shirley Bassey "The Liquidator"
I suspect that that title sequence is the best thing about the film.
If I'm hearing this right, the lyric assures the listener that the liquidator is leathal,
is "a hell of a guy", while implying the rape of the listener's spouse.

12:22 Lady Sovereign "Tango"
Tango is a soda drink in England.
There, I've provided adequate subtext for a Lady Sovereign song.

15:10 Styx excerpt form "Lord Of The Rings"
This is inexcusable.

17:13 Tad "Stumblin Man"
from the ill fated 8 way Santa album.
This remains one of my favorite songs of all time.

20:45 Petula Clark "Don't Sleep in the Subway"

23:36 David Byrne and Brian Eno "The Carrier"
from My Life in the Bush of Ghosts

27:03 Goldfrapp "Lovely Head" Half their songs are quite good faux Barry.
I love the squawk box solo.

The themesong for this last James Bond movie was a duet by Alicia Keyes and Jack White.
It's better to listen to it outside the context of the film, in my opinion.
Someone's flat, though.

Throughout the last half of the eighties it seems like there was a quest to recreate the Led Zeppelin sound. Perhaps it was the proliferation of cheap, low bitrate digital effects or just cocaine, but despite your Whitesnakes and your Cults, no one (despite all the hype - I remember one Rolling Stone issue devouted to convincing us that it was back) could really do it.
Meanwhile, that Jack White has carefully back engineered the whole schmear, with the punctured tweater and slow release compression on the cymbal and the Bonhamalike drumming and what is I'm sure, a transistorless signal chain. Since Plant (or perhaps more accurately, Plant's falsetto) isn't willing, maybe Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones should ask Jack White to sing and play drums.
He'd totally say yes.

30:32 Glen Campbell "Guess I'm Dumb"
recorded in October 1964 for the Beach Boys TODAY!-Album, but not used.

33:10 Will Oldham/Bonny Prince Billy "Wolf Among Wolves"
Will Oldham appears alongside Zach Galifianakis in the Kanye West video for
Can't Tell Me Nothin'.
The man has range.

36:52 U2 "The Ocean"

the Dad zone.
38:24 The Temptations "Papa Was A Rollin' Stone"
The long LP version. Ten plus minutes.

49:43 Steve Fisk "Priorities"
from 448 Deathless Days

54:23 Iron and Wine "Waiting for a Superman" (Flaming lips cover)

58:42 Stars of the Lid "Don't Bother They're Here"

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Yule Be Sorry

Image: Biljana Vjurdjevic The Last Days of Santa Claus

Yule Be Sorry can be downloaded directly by clicking here.
Much in the spirit of the fruitcake, this is a regifting of last year's Christmas mix.
I think this is what is called a "Christmas Tradition".

It's a Christian Christmas version of the Brady Bunch theme song.
I don't remember who made this.

00:58 Mystery Science Theater 3000: Patrick Swayze Christmas
Santa Claus Conquers the Martians

White Christmas mashup origin forgotten.

07:10 Ozzy Osborne and Jessica Simpson
Winter Wonderland
rom a
tv special, I think. Jessica Simpson is to singing as __________ is to ____________). Amazing.

09:13 James Brown Santa Come Straight to the Ghetto

12:08 The Ventures Jingle Bell Rock under-

14:05 Terence McKenna Santa Claus is a mushroom

14:42 Spinal Tap Christmas with the Devil.

16:19 The Who Christmas from Tommy

18:12 Richard Cheese Holiday In Cambodia

19:44 Mel Blanc Yah Das Ist Ein Christmas Tree.

22:46 Run DMC Christmas in Hollis.

25:33 Flaming Lips Christmas at the Zoo from Clouds Taste Metallic.

Midtown Bootboys Santa was a skinhead.
These guys were genuinely bad, racist, violent nazis. Ha ha. -ermh- Ho Ho HO.

30:27 AKIM & The Teddy Vann Production Company Santa Claus is A Black Man.

33:40 Sarah
Silverman Give the Jew Girl Toys.
That's Zach Galifianakis as Santa.

35:55 Low
Just Like Christmas

38:50 Beck Little Drum Machine Boy

41:53 Mark Vidler/ GoHome Productions Carpenters Christmas (Karen Meets Roots Radics Uptown)

45:33 Elvis Presley Blue Christmas into:

46:56 Joe Perry Blue Christmas from Merry Axemas.

49:00 The Kinks Father Christmas.

52:34 Patton Oswalt: Alvin and the Chimpmunks Christmas bit.

53:59 The Waitresses Christmas Wrappin.
Not rare. Not annoying. Notice faux Chic "Rapper's Delight"/ "Good Times"
bassline and cadence this time.

58:10 Tom Waits
Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis
Christmas is right there in the title. Fa la la la la!

62:24 XTC
Snowman from English Settlement

67:17 Cocteau Twins Frosty the Snowman.

70:01 The Pogues Fairytale of New York

74:28 Jackson Five Give Love On Christmas Day

77:19 Jimi
Hendrix Auld Lang Syne

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Teflon Epiphany

Teflon Epiphany can be downloaded directly by clicking here.

00:02 Elvis Presley, Swing Low Sweet Chariot
One hobby that Elvis stuck with for almost his entire adult life was the martial arts, specifically karate. He had his first taste of the chop-socky in boot camp and would excitedly expound on its history and meaning to anyone who was forced to gamely listen. Karate's teachings and theatrics complimented his superhero obsession nicely and he devoured books on the subject. Elvis' voracious appetite for knowledge was matched only by his voracious appetite.
-from Beware of the Blog,

02:35 The Melvins, Love Thing
from "Ozma".
Tagentially related: Dimebag Daryl was buried in a Kiss Kasket.

03:41 Go Home Productions, Main Bloom
a mashup of "Main Chance" by Alan Parker and "In Bloom" by Nirvana

06:36 Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, We Call Upon The Author

11:35 Chrome, Abstract Nympho

14:14 The Pogues, Thousands Are Sailing

19:18 Isaac Hayes, Never Can Say Goodbye

22:58 Miles Davis, remixed by Bill Laswell Black Satin
He buffed the edges off a little.

26:29 Fugazi, Closed Captioned from End Hits.

31:21 Genesis, Horizons.

32:57 The Jayhawks, Blue.

36:02 Camper Van Beethoveen, All Her Favorite Fruit.
Live with Orchestra. From their live album "Greatest Hits Played Faster"

41:29 Grizzly Bear, He Hit Me (And It Felt Like a Kiss)
Live on KEXP 2-16-2007.

45:46 Thom Yorke, And It Rained All Night.

50:07 The Flamingos, I Only Have Eyes For You

52:43 The Venus in Furs, 2HB.
From the soundtrack of Velvet Goldmine. The Venus in Furs were Radiohead's Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood, David Gray, Suede's Bernard Butler, and Roxy Music's Andy Mackay.

'2HB' is not a lead hardness reference, graphite enthusiasts. It instead translates as "To Humphrey Bogart", and is full of Casablanca references.

Which is much less interesting, if you ask me.

58:09 Neil Young, Don't Cry.

63:02 T Bone Burnett, It's Not Too Late.

67:28 Julie London, Mickey Mouse March

Image: A sculpture of mine "Really Super Honesty" plaster, steel.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Badjacket can be downloaded directly by clicking here.
Badjacket is a verb .

02:00 James Brown "People Get Up And Drive Your Funky Soul"
This song doesn't really need to end.
It could go on for a half hour.
And I'd be fine with that.

05:42 ZZ Top "Just Got Paid"

09:16 Tricky "Christiansands"

12:23 David Torn "Spell Breaks with the Weather"
from "What Means, Solid Traveler?"

16:47 Ned Beatty Excerpt from Network
To far too many people, Ned Beatty is best known for playing that character raped by toothless hicks in 'Deliverance'. Beatty was nominated for an oscar for best supporting actor for this sermon in the film 'Network'. Paddy Chayefsky gave him the content, but Ned provided the form.
Entering with a snarl, he descends to a song to seduce the righteous.
And invites us, by the end, to weep in exhultant delight.

20:44 Au "RR vs D" Lynn Shelton gave a presentation at work a while back. This song played under the montage she showed of stills shot during the making of her current film, "Humpday". I wasn't the only one struck by the song. Her film "My Effortless Brilliance" is available On Demand through Comcast. Look for it.

24:28 Cars "Since You're Gone"
made it to #42 of the pop charts in 1982. A questionable inclusion.

27:42 Fugazi "Arpeggiator"

32:04 The Rivieras "California Sun"
The Ramones didn't write this song after all.
The Rivieras are not recording to a click track, or doing second takes.

34:27 Isao Tomita's rendition of Prokofiev's Symphony No. 5/Allegro marcato.
Tomita was hot on a moog, but he was no Ed Kalehoff,

39:33 Black Lodge Singers "Disneyland"

43:09 Bruce Springsteen "Girls In Their Summer Clothes"

47:29 Patience & Prudence "Tonight You Belong to Me"

49:02 REM "Perfect Circle" From when REM would write nice songs.

52:14 Robyn Hitchcock "Trams of Old London"
from "I Often Dream of Trains"
, a perfect album that will still hold up in another twenty four years. It was released in 1984 -just like that Van Halen album.

55:39 Wilco "Radio Cure"
There's no excuse for the lyrics in the chorus, but the production is really nice.

60:40 A little thing I put together from stuff I stole.

Built with stuff like Elvis' "Run On" and Shatner's cover of "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds".

61:41 The Pogues "The Old Main Drag"

Handjobs and Tuinal.

64:37 David Bowie "America"

The opening song from "The Concert for New York City", October 2001.
Cover of the Simon and Garfunkel tune.
A sensitive, astute move with beautifully humble staging.

68:28 The Divine Comedy "Lost Property"
It is a terrible thing to love what can be taken.
This song sounds just a little like Radiohead in very good ways.
Maybe because Nigel Godrich produced it.

72:58 The Beach Boys interlude from "'Til I Die"

75:00 Low "Sunflower"

Friday, June 13, 2008

New Grief

New Grief can be downloaded directly by clicking here.

00:02 The Blues Project "Flute Thing

02:50 Mystery Theater opening

03:11 Missy Elliott "Work It

07:03 Moog Cookbook "More Than A Feeling
Um, (let's get ready to rumble...)

10:52 Elvis Costello "Hoover Factory

12:29 Miles Davis "Black Satin" from On the Corner
an album I was obsessive about for about a week.

16:22 Brian Eno "Wire Shock"

19:48 Jack Nitzsche "Rumble" (Arranged and Conducted)
Link Wray had one lung.

22:03 Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers "Roadrunner"
I love this version. It's clean and pure, and doesn't have a foggy overlay of keyboards. Greil Marcus' narration of this particular cut in
Lipstick Traces is great.

Well, the highway was my only girlfriend
'cause I went by so quick
And suburban trees were out there
And consequently, it smelled like heaven

26:05 Sage Francis with Will Oldham "Sea Lion

29:01 Wire "The 15th

32:02 Sonic Youth "I Know There's an Answer
" Beach Boys Cover

34:57 The Beach Boys excerpt from the Smile Sessions

37:08 Continuity of Government
Jack Brooks questions Oliver North during the 1987
Iran Contra Hearings and is stopped by committee chairman Daniel Inouye.

38:15 Erykah Badu "The Healer".

41:58 Shellac "Wingwalker"

46:56 Goldfrapp "Cologne Cerrone Houdini"

51:14 Ulrich Schnauss "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow"

55:30 T-Bone Burnett "Hefner And Disney"

59:13 Soulsavers "Revival"

Image still from "Play It As It Lays", a film that is just chock full of California ennui, the most silly form of ennui, Sontag aside. No really, see it (if you can find it). The editing is truly striking, and has yet to be effectively bitten by contemporary film (what do we call it now that it's done on a macbook pro?) editing.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Magenta Alert

Magenta Alert can be downloaded directly here.

00:02 Scala Choir and the Kolacny brothers "Don't Break My Heart"

04:40 The Isley Brothers "Your Old Lady" A good friend.

06:46 Wolfgang Press "Kansas"

9:58 365 Days website 'Carry On My Wayward Son'

11:42 Cesar Romero Words to the Wise

-entering the hopefully humorous but morbid zone-

12:12 William Shatner "You're Gonna Die"

17:03 The Microphones "I Can't Believe You Actually Died"
courtesy of Lelah, of

21:06 Nick Cave
"Lay Me Low"

-leaving the morbid zone. -

26:14 John Barry
"Vendetta" mixed into

27:21 Fantomas

29:04 Star Spangled Bologna

30:18 The Polyphonic Spree
"Soldier Girl"

33:59 Sonic Youth
"Within You Without You"

38:46 Kronos Quartet

42:56 G Love and Special Sauce "Cold Beverage"
from his first "Yo", you know you're in for authenticity.

45:28 Tom Waits
"Jesus Gonna Be Here" live. And yet Tom Waits gets a pass...

50:07 The Polyphonic Spree
"Five Years"

54:00 Wiliam Shatner
"Has Been"

56:11 Lyle Lovett
"If I had a Boat"

A thing I found once, and cannot now identify

1:04:20 Bjork
"Mouth's Cradle"

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds "When I First Came to Town"

Beck "The Golden Age"

Sigur Ros from ()

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mink Woofer

Mink Woofer can be downloaded directly by clicking here.

00:02 Banana Splits Themesong

01:23 Bob Marley "Buffalo Soldier" snippet

01:34 GoHome Productions "Submusic"

03:40 Lyrics Born and Lateef "The Last Trumpet"

08:27 Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention "You're Probably Wondering Why I'm Here".
Mom, I put a big hole in the convertible

12:01 The Meters "Chicken Strut"

14:39 Tom Waits "Metropolitan Glide"

18:37 Dusty Springfield "I Just Don't Know What to Do With Myself"

21:33 Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds "The Hobo Church"

23:01 Chet Baker "Forgetful"

25:39 Ulrich Schnauss "Knuddelmaus"

31:47 I don't really know. There are some things even the internet does not know. Ethan, who gave me a mix cd with this on it, knows.

35:18 Dave Grohl "Arms Wide Open".

37:01 Fiona Apple "Angel"

41:49 Gohome Productions "LSD Forever"

43:40 The Beatles "Across The Universe"

47:20 Crispy (as Dangerous Chunky calls him) "I'm making my lunch"

47:36 Go Home Productions remix of U2's "Zoo Station"

52:06 Johanna Newsom
"Peach, Plum, Pear"

55:30 Boards of Canada
"Dayvan Cowboy"

60:02 Tuatara
"Dark State Of Mind"

63:58 Cat Power "I Found a Reason"

Hack photoshopping of stuff by me. There it is.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Thug Caste

Thug Caste can be downloaded directly by clicking here.

00:02 Speedy West & Jimmy Bryant "Cracker Jack"

02:07 Disfunctional DJ "You're The One I Want In The Next Episode"

05:41 Dan Le Sac Vs. Scroobius Pip "Thou Shalt Always Kill"
This I first heard/saw on Aaron McMaster's They Eat Their Own site.

09:34 Califone "Pink & Sour"

13:47 Jack Nitzsche "The Last Race"

15:58 Larry Adler "Jamaican Rhumba"

18:05 Ray coniff "Bolero de ravel"

22:41 Air "La Femme d'Argent"

28:51 Dusty Springfield "The Windmills Of Your Mind"

32:36 Bonnie Prince Billy/ Will Oldham "Love Comes To Me"

36:47 Beach Boys "Surf's Up"

40:12 Chet Baker "My Funny Valentine"

42:15 The Langley Schools Music Project "Space Oddity"

47:29 Genesis end of "Entangled"

49:37 Cat Power "The Greatest"

52:59 The Flaming Lips "The Big Ol' Bug Is the New Baby Now"
A mixdown of the four CD Zaireeka

58:00 Elvis Presley "Help Me Make It Through The Night"

Pinkerton eye image from Thrilling